SERRALUNGA armchair SIRCHESTER (More di rovo - LLDPE)


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Designer: Deepdesign
Version: More di rovo
Material: LLDPE
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Sirchester Serralunga is an armchair by DeepDesign. UV protection, 100% recyclable, shock resistance.

Sirchester is a family of outdoor seating which incorporates the unmistakable Chesterfield sofa with his arms round her and processing capitonne. Today, in keeping with the new philosophy of Serralunga, a timeless piece belonging to international history of design enjoys a new interpretation.
Behind the project, are two Italian designers: Matteo Bazzicalupo and Raffaella Mangiarotti (deepdesign). Their work, the Dandelion Lamp is on display in New York’s at the MoMa permanent collection.

The concept was clear from the beginning: design a sofa for the outdoors that is both comfortable and functional and rediscover the atmosphere and style of the Chester. Its characteristic shape and size was entrusted to the company’s creative and technical know-how whereby using a rotating molding machine, they were able to keep the same distinctive particularities found in the original English sofa like the padded quilted backrest.

Serralunga together with Mangiarotti and Bazzicalupo went a step further by lighting up their emotional creativity. In fact, Sirchester is the first sofa that actually lights up creating a fun atmosphere for public places combining this particular aesthetic feature while being functional at the same time.

Undergoing careful study, analyzing every detail of this famous and highly successful product, nothing was left unattended: in fact, a patented a drainage system was developed which allows one to sit down without getting wet, not even after a rainstorm. Located along side the internal perimeter of the seating a tiny canal catches water that seeps though a tiny hole. This is the first time a drainage system has worked so effectively on sofas.

With this new collection of sofas, Serralunga and its designers once again prove how innovation, aesthetics and functionality are intertwined. Sirchester not only speaks through its shape but knows how to listen to the needs of the outdoors.

Serralunga Sirchester

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