FOSCARINI floor lamp LIGHTWING LED (White - varnished aluminum)


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Designer: Jean Marie Massaud
Version: White
Material: varnished aluminum
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Lightwing means high light performance in a straightforward, poetic graphic form. A floor lamp inspired by a desire to satisfy the light requirements of the whole day, controlling both function and light experience at will. Its name reflects its fundamental characteristic: an aluminium adjustable reflector, a 'wing', a geometric shape as light as a petal which, together with a strongly architectural design, gives the lamp a timeless feel. Lightwing has a slender, streamlined stem that supports a light source housing a LED board especially designed to meet Lightwing’s light performance objectives. A spherical supermagnet supports an asymmetrical screen with a soft outline that can be adjusted to direct light in a great many directions with a simple hand movement. The flexibility of the reflector transforms Lightwing's appearance, making it different at different times of day in a continuous interplay of light and shade, grace and solidity. Light intensity can be adjusted according to taste with a pedal dimmer. Lightwing can satisfy any lighting requirements: as an ambient lamp with an intense beam of light or as a reading lamp with an intimate, suffused effect. Lightwing comes in two colour variants, shiny black or white. Essential but sophisticated elegance, ideal for a range of spaces and uses.

Floor lamp with indirect and adjustable reflected light. The rod is made of extruded aluminium; the square base in zinc alloy houses the transformer and a laser-cut metal ballast. Both are epoxy powder coated. The light body in pressed aluminium acts as a heat dissipator for the LED board thanks to its inner mesh-like shape. A satin finish PMMA screen protects the LED board. The mobile screen is made of a thin laser-cut aluminium sheet, painted in matt white on the inside and in glossy black or white on the outside. It is easily adjustable thanks to a spherical ‘super magnet’ made of ‘rare earth’ housed in iron and thermoplastic material. Its transparent cable is fitted with a LED specific dimmer which can be used both to adjust the level of light intensity gradually or as an ON/OFF switch. The lamp can be controlled from a wall outlet.

Foscarini Lightwing

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