FLOS floor lamp ARCO LED (LED - Marble, steel and aluminum)

FLOS floor lamp ARCO LED

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Designer: Achille e Pier Giacomo Castiglioni
Version: LED
Material: Marble, steel and aluminum
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Arco LED Flos is born to almost one year from the presentation of the first prototype and on the occasion of the 50° anniversary (1962 -2012). It deals with an important moment, that besides, for a splendid coincidence, it is verified in the 50° anniversary of the birth of Flos.

Arco Flos, the famous lamp of brothers Castiglioni, become in the years true icon of the design, that for a long time Flos identifies in the world, it more highly becomes wealthy today some bright source performante. In fact, equipped with multichip LED from 28 watts, a temperature of color of 2700° Ks and an index of 93 made chromatic, Arco LED it guarantees an amazing quality of light to consumptions meeting places as well as a long duration of life of the LED. Besides it is possible to regulate the bright intensity.

Arco Flos is floor lamp conceived by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in the 1962. With Arco Flos, the aim of the Castiglioni was to offer a floor lamp with a direct illumination. Indeed, the uniqueness of this lamp to allow the illumination, for instance upon a table, but free of the ceiling light point usually positioned at the centre of the room. In fact it can illuminate a point up to 2 m from its base with an height from the floor of 2,5m.

Thanks to this innovative unchanged system during the years except for the electric system, it will be in fact possible to position the base of the Arco Flos in the corner of the room spreading the light directly to the centre of the room.

Arco Flos possesses a rectangular white Carrara marble base with rounded corners. This base has a hole in the central point that allows to easily move the base of 65 kg (for instance inserting a rigid baton or a broomstick). Besides, this hole is necessary to fix the vertical support stem of the Arco. Actually, this this curved beam which characterize the object. Composed by three stainless steel units with the possibility of regulation thanks to its unique joint system, that allows besides to dissimulate the cables hiding them within. This structure attributes to Arco Flos a great extension, with the possibility to put the reflector in three different points.

Known besides for its characteristic Dome formed by two different parts, Arco Flos stand out for its perforated bell shaped lampshade that allows the cooling of the same, endorsed to a chromed aluminium mobile ring that permits the correct the position depending on the chosen height.

Anything but not random, Arco Flos performs in every part a precise function that goes beyond the only aesthetical beauty. With the use of valuable materials and its distinctiveness design, Arco Flos stays among the most representative pieces of Italian Design, because it perfectly adjusts with all house styles and merges with the decoration of your favourite rooms.

Flos Arco lampada da terra dimensioni

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