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dESIGNoBJECT wall clock CUBE CLOCK (Black - Laser cut metal sheet)



Freight costs:
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Designer: Sylvie Van De Loo & Giorgio Havis Marchetto
Version: Black
Material: Laser cut metal sheet
Delivery: 4-5 days if available (+info)
Availability: To order


The Cube Clock comes out from a graphic idea. We use the clock as signs. Changing their position in the quadrant is changing the design and the shape of the parallelepiped. At 1:45 these signs will become the sides of the cube, recreating the 3D figure. Only twice a day. One time during the day, and the other time during the night… for the insomniacs. Cube Clock is the result of collaboration between studio and the Dutch studio SEM Design.
A clock that immediately strikes the attention for its originality and its simplicity.

Dimensions: 50×50×2 cm

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