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dESIGNoBJECT wall clock CHANGING CLOCK (Black - Laser cut metal sheet)



Freight costs:
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Designer: Design Studio Designobject
Version: Black
Material: Laser cut metal sheet
Delivery: 4-5 days if available (+info)
Availability: To order


Tick-tock. With this Changing Clock by, the fact that the seconds, minutes and hours sometimes seem to pass you by in a flash suddenly doesn’t seem so bad! The board sports 12 little magnets with the clock’s numbers that can be placed in any order you wish, adding a playful element to this design. The times they are a changing.

The particularity of this exceptional watch is to have numbers screen printed on magnetic square tiles in forex that offer the possibility to the user to create the clocks face according to his/her taste. By placing numbers in a different way you get a different design and the watch its self is new compared to the previous one. This gives you an urge to be creative every day.

50×50×2 cm

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